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Compact Computer Solutions


CCS delivers end-to-end business solutions which include ERP, CRM, Hardware & Software, Virtual Postman, SharePoint, Disaster Management infrastructure, implementation, service and support, all underpinned by both internationally-accredited methodologies and teams of experts.  We strive to add tangible commercial value, to promote competitive advantage and enable business capability.  Through ensuring cost-effective value, dependable support and peace of mind, we foster long lasting professional relationships; retaining clients who grow and succeed over the past 20 years.




Compact Computer Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a South African privately owned company, successfully providing IT Business Solutions, having successfully implemented solutions to our clients, together with our expertise and personalised support we have customised, assisted and retained our client’s in their growth for the past 20 years!

As specialists in providing end to end solutions which have a proven track record; encompassing ERP solutions; Embrace & AX, CRM Customer Relationship solutions Modules for Marketing, Sales & Customer Service, as well as a comprehensive range of Hardware & Software, which are all underpinned by both internationally-accredited methodologies and teams of expert, innovative certified software engineers.

Our specialism in the Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Warehousing, Construction, Agricultural, and Capital equipment sectors ensures our clients achieve optimal value from the experience and know-how needed to maximise the business benefits from their chosen systems architecture.  CCS is able to equip clients with end-to-end software, integration, infrastructural solutions and data security - ensuring cost-effective value, and dependable support.

All this is strengthened by our fully accredited support team, along with strategically formed partnerships; as a certified accredited Microsoft Partner and a VAR for ACS ensuring value and peace of mind.



Vision and Objectives


We do not simply measure ourselves by successful implementation, service and support; we strive to add tangible commercial value to promote competitive advantage and enable business growth.

Compact Computer Solutions prides itself on fostering professional, lasting relationships through collaboration with clients across diverse industry sectors to ensure effective business enablement and sustainable results.

Based on our success record we plan to move from our niche market to other industry verticals to assist and add value to their specific requirements, though consistent research and development together with our expertise in business, our intellectual abilities and highly trained and accredited personnel we are confident that we will grow and form vital business solutions to companies that desire mutual growth.

As we have accomplished previously to provide seamless integration, installation, customisation and support, with comprehensive business solution implementation.

To grow our competencies in the areas of; Desktop solutions, Networking infrastructure, ERP and CRM solutions, together with the strong dedication and commitment of our highly qualified team.

Retain our client base, such as we have accomplished for the past 20 years and to assist in their growth, such as the growth of one of our clients from 20 users to 640 users.